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Fabrication & On-site Erection

We are specialized in structural steel fabrication,
trusses, safety grills & doors, railings, puddle flanges and more...

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Globus Metal Fabricators – GMF is a manufacturer and supplier of commercial equipment, fabricated metal products, and on-site erection contractors. GMF brings together the combination of design, engineering, and manufacturing services. Assuring quality raw material, reasonable price, and on-time delivery.

We started Globus Metal Fabrication in 2009. We have already completed more than 100 projects — working on construction, railways, hospital, power plants, oil industries, hotel and entertainment industries, institutions and more...


We translate ideas from the drawing board to the real metal piece. Primarily we study, listen and understand your requirements and specifications. We take on-site measurements and design the product according to your specs. We collaborate with you from product design to prototyping and manufacturing to installation.


Architectural and construction metal products

Balcony, window grills, main gates, fencing grills, staircase handrails, louvers, puddle flanges, support brackets and more…

Railway - basic coach equipment

Luggage racks, hand holds, partition frames, window frames, wash basin, hangers, fittings, bottle holders, first aid box and more…

Medical products

Workstation, panel, cabinet, hospital trolley, patient cots, stretchers, table, shelving systems, cases , trays, and more…

Hotel, Institution and custom design metal products

Duct box, canteen equipment, kitchen work tables, racks and trolleys, display counters, chairs and more…

Quality finishing

Appearance is also very important

Depending upon the product, we always choose the better application for the final finish. GMF offer variety of metal finishing options which includes surface finishing, brushing, buffing and polishing, We have partnered with fully-qualified vendors offers quality Plating, noncorrosive electrocoating, Powder Coating, PU Coating and Hot Dip Galvanizing


We have a skilled installation team for on-site erection focused on client specification, design, appearance, and safety measures. We have supplied and installed Roofing, gutters, truss works, staircase handrails, swimming pool safety fixtures, sliding gates, sun shades, shutters, doors, water tank ladders and more...